About Us

Corlew & Perry, Inc. is the premier hardwood flooring company in Nashville. Our hardwood floor refinishing is second to none in the industry. We service new, aged, abused or damaged hardwood floors. Although wood flooring products are our most requested services, Corlew & Perry can also provide ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble and laminate services. We will take care of your flooring needs. You will be warmly welcomed in a comfortable, knowledgeable atmosphere where all your questions will be promptly answered by people who know what they’re talking about. Call us today and see how we can make your home look even better!

Corlew & Perry has deep roots in the Nashville community. The company, started in the 1920’s by William Corlew, originally installed only hardwood flooring. Following the war, L.C. Perry began working with the firm, becoming a partner in the 50’s. He expanded the store’s offerings and incorporated the business in the 70’s. When facing retirement, Mr. Perry offered the store to long-time friend Charles Armour, whom he felt had the integrity, quality workmanship and customer service that had made Corlew & Perry successful.

Charles has over 49 years of experience in flooring. He has a thorough understanding of installation procedures of all flooring types. He has worked for large carpet companies. He pioneered Green Hills Carpet Center and purchased Corlew & Perry in the 80’s.

Today Charles works with his son Warren Armour. Charles says he could not continue nearly as productively without Warren’s energy, knowledge, willingness and loyalty. Today, Charles and Warren continue to honor tradition by using quality products and providing quality installation. Now as the torch has been passed from Charles to Warren, Charles is doing so with total confidence that the values Corlew and Perry was founded upon will continue to be implemented.

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